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Coit Tower.


• July, Lillie Coit dies, bequest funds to City of San Francisco
• October 24th, "Black Thursday," stock market crashes
• Beginning of the Great Depression
• Architect Timothy Pfleuger employees artists to paint murals in buildings he designs
• Coit Advisory Committee formed
• Franklin D. Roosevelt defeats Herbert Hoover to become the 32nd President
•  Arthur Brown Jr.(assisted by Henry Howard) designs Coit Tower
• October 8, Coit Tower is dedicated to the City of San Francisco
• December, Public Works Art Project (PWAP) is formed
• January, artists went to work at Coit Tower
• June, Pacific Maritime strike
• June, Controversy at Coit Tower over symbolism in murals
• June, Coit Tower locked
• July 5, SF Examiner article, "Soviet Symbol in Tower"
• July 5, "Bloody Tuesday" most tragic day in water front strike
• Exact date unknown, controversial symbols removed from murals
• October 20, Coit Tower murals opened to the public