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16.San Francisco Bay

Otis Oldfield | oil on canvas in a recessed lunette | 9 feet by 54 inches Unlike the frescoes, which had to be painted on location, this oil on canvas as well as the others in the lobby were completed in the artists' studios and then installed as finished works. From his Telegraph Hill studio, the artist, Otis Oldfield, could see the waterfront and bay all the way to Berkeley. His two young daughters, Rhoda and Jayne, in the lower right-hand corner, look down at boat traffic and the busy waterfront. Bright white steamboats float on the grey water, soft brown hills loom against gray skies—all in muted colors which reflect the typical San Francisco foggy summer. A faint campanile in the East Bay marks the University of California campus. Were a hole knocked through the wall on which the paining now hangs one could still see that same view from Coit Tower.  San Freancisco Bay