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14. Meat Packing Industry

Ray Bertrand | fresco | 10 feet by 10 feet Related to the animal motif of its neighbor, the dairy industry, this panel illustrates meat packing, from the hanging and cleaning of pigs through the processing of hams. A large butchered hog dominates the left-hand portion, with a rubber-booted worker singeing the skin with a large flame. Bertrand's alcove becomes a smokehouse hung with sausages draped over the coiled smoke-pipes. An overhead pulley system draws the viewer's attention to the hog carcasses in the foreground, directing the eye to wrapped hams at right. In the foreground sit wooden lugs and barrels, giving a cubistic definition to the composition. The subtle colors of flesh, tans, grays, and greens contrast with the diagonally opposite oranges, purples, and bright greens of Albro's bountiful harvest.

Meat Packing Industry