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27. Home Life

Jane Berlandina | egg tempera | 9 feet by 34 feet, in room separate from other murals Detail image of a portion of the mural. Quite different from the fresco and oil media of the other artists in the Tower is the egg-tempera technique of Jane Berlandina, wife of Henry Howard, who was an architect in Arthur Brown, Jr.'s, office and the designer of Coit Tower. Her teacher was French Post-Impressionist Raoul Dufy, whose style is quite different from that of Diego Rivera, mentor of most of the other artists. The linear motif outlines life in the kitchen, the living room, and the recreational hall of a home. The color scheme is limited to shades of Indian red, browns, and chartreuse shadows, with white outlines. The spontaneity of the designs and their "hollow" quality give this final, isolated room a charming light spirit after the solid frescoes and oils with their more serious subjects on the other walls at Coit Tower.  Home Life